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Thread: tornado!!!

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    Had a tornado rip through a local town yesterday. 70 homes damaged or destroyed and 4 businesses. 2 church's had their roofs ripped off and a third had their ball diamond/park destroyed. The EF1 was on the ground for about 4 miles and there are 100's of trees down. Fortunately there was no fatalities and only a few minor injuries. I may head out tomorrow with the chainsaws and help with some of the clean up. While it is a tragedy for those affected it is a wood gleaners heaven. I wish I had more time to help. I am so busy with a business it is hard to find time to do much else.
    I never thought the day would come where I didn't have time to cut wood. It is pretty hard on homeowners that lose trees that they have enjoyed for many years. It is also very dangerous to clean these up. I am professionally trained to do this kind of work and am very careful. It is best to do as few cuts as necessary to get a twisted wreck of a tree down before cutting it up. I personally know several persons killed while cutting trees and one who was killed cutting tornado damaged trees. The tension in the twisted limbs is very hard to predict, it doesn't always follow like in a conventionally felled tree.

    Maybe some pictures later in the week.
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    We saw the reports of bad weather in your part of the country. It's always sad to see people's lives disrupted by such things.

    Stay safe out there while harvesting, Paul.
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    To me losing any of my trees would be a bit like someone else losing their pet.
    I feel so sorry for the people who had their property trashed.

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    Thank God noone was killed. Was there a trailer park nearby? They seem to attract tornados.

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    Glad to see you're OK. Be careful with the aftermath.
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