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    Nice & quiet sss snick sss snik

    The plane is now sharp & I was looking around the shop what can I use it on.....oh looky here a nice 6'+ long poplar board quick get it down outa the rack & clamp it up in the vises.

    I have made & installed a fence from materials on hand doesn't look like much but works real good on the transitional plane using holes someone had used for this purpose in the past. The plane with fence made it easy to square the edge to the side of the board. Then I used my #22 Miller Falls & finished jointing it, came out real nice I checked it out with my long straight edge.

    I also got my 2 Rabbet planes sharpened. Next I guess I'll sharpen The chisels & make handles for them.
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    Nice planes there Bart. There is nothing quite like bringing an old plane back to life. If other woodworkers knew that feeling, Lie Nielsen and Lee Valley would go out of business. Of course the price of planes would go through the roof, but Liberty Tool would fair well enough.
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