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Thread: Pecan Mortar & Pestle

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    Pecan Mortar & Pestle

    I turned this after lunch today. If I have the wood laid out, it usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to turn a set. I burned some lines for the giggles of it as it just seemed to be the thing to do. The mortar is 5 1/4" in diameter, 2 1/4" high with depth of 1 1/2". The pestle is 4 1/2" long with a diameter of 1 1/4" on the mashing end. I have the bevels on the mashing part and the mortar fairly well matched. I did my usual sealing with walnut oil and polished it up with a walnut oil/shellac mixture. Fun to make and generally fast sellers for me. Hope ya likes it.

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    Really cool Dave! I'm guessing that stuff is hard as a rock. Finish looks like it would hold up well.
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    That's a nice little set. I can see why they sell fast.

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    Well done. Beautiful wood.
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    Thanks, guys! Jim, I find pecan to me of medium density. There are actually some oaks that are by far harder than pecan. But, it is nothing compared to bodark. Bodark wrote the book on hard. I you look around and find the Janka Scale, you can see how pecan stacks up against other woods in density. For me it is in the middle. Not hard, but not soft either. But, then again I kinda weird anyway. But, if all fails my dog loves me! But he's a bit different, too.

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