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Thread: What does your Friday have in store!

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    Reno, Nv

    What does your Friday have in store!

    Brewing my wife's favorite Hefeweizen this morning. Movies, which we haven't done in a really really long time, then Food Truck Friday; about 15 local food trucks in one area, music, beer...all the stuff that make Friday fun!
    How about you folks?
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    Friday: I took my granddaughter to the shooting range this morning. She wants to learn to shoot, so I had her try my .357 revolver, 9mm semi and .22 rifle. She did pretty good for her first time shooting anything. I was going to mow our lawn this afternoon but we now have rain and lightning in the area now...darn the luck!!! Tonight will be beef and chicken fajitas with frozen margaritas!

    Saturday: Lawn work and some test cuts on my CNC.

    Sunday: Brunch (granddaughter makes great French toast!)...chill time...NASCAR!
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    Back at the plaque again after changing the depth of cut and feed rate.
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    Gotta get the yard mown today! 2"+ rain predicted for tomorrow! If it really does rain that much, It'll put us on track to set a record for the wettest June ever!
    Jim D.
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    Had planned to go out of town tomorrow, but looks like that has been canceled. It's supposed to be a great weekend after the rain moves on out towards Jim. Looks like I'll be working on the yard a little, cleaning up the garage, finishing up work on the hot water heater, maybe a little work on the laundry room, oh and picking up parts for a new keezer today (mini gloat ).

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    Lazy weekend for us. No real plans other than hitting the art festival in town tomorrow...and hitting a local brewery after. Probably go on a drive Sunday morning to check out the aftermath of some flooding that is still going on here in town. 5-9" of rain fell Thursday night north of and in town in about 2hrs time. Hope to get in the shop on Sunday after yard work.
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    Finish up a table for drill press. Complete some small crosses for gifts. Help son put new floor in bathroom. Take it easy at Art Walk tonight downtown. Live life to to the best.
    Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.

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    Hoping to do another yard sale Saturday, then visiting with some friends who are in town for the weekend.

    Sunday afternoon I have a combination rehearsal/cookout with a new band. In addition to the acoustic/electric classic rock band I'm currently playing in, I'm now the guitarist in a Pink Floyd tribute band.

    In my spare time, I'm going to try to make a bit of progress on an ongoing guitar assembly project. My second Telecaster-style Partscaster.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I'm going to visit my shop. Life has been successful at keeping me away from it for weeks!!!
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    Buying a new rebuilt computer because my old one crapped and setting this one up
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