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Thread: Hey Rob, Here's a Camp Trailer For You

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    Hey Rob, Here's a Camp Trailer For You

    This looks like a pretty cool rig. Not luxurious, but very agile.
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    Yeah Vaughn i think that Aussie stole the idea from the several SA versions that have been made to use on 4x4 trips into Africa.
    Trouble for me is the other half has become more and more North American as years go by and we now have to tow a whole house along with us.
    Hardly roughing it.
    Btw the Ford truck is an amazing piece of tech never mind vehicle. Gave it a run this past weekend and though i am neither car nor truck guy i can absolutely admire Fords engine tech with the V6 ecoboost and the transmission they have matched it to. The other side of the coin is i made sure to have my CAA membership and fully charged cellphone with me because if this sucker breaks down i dont think it can be made to go with a bit of old farm wire and ingenuity.

    Here is a quick example of one of the SA 4x4 units i cannot remember the other brands, its been too long.

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    Very amazing and well thought out. For the adventursome not those seeking luxury. I'll betcha they are pricey.
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    Cool! That fold out bed is just the right height for a grizzly buffet.

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