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Thread: Best Place to Get Hoses /Fittings Etc.

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    Best Place to Get Hoses /Fittings Etc.

    I am going to get the HF 2hp dust collector.I see it takes 4" hose and I will need a couple of gates to shut off air flow in 2 lines.Where is best place to get the 4" hose and blast gates.............Harbor Freight??

    Are the hoses and blast gates at Harbor Freight any good? I see some people say they dont fit.

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    I have plastic and metal blast gates. All have been in use for a decade or so. The metal ones stick a bit sometimes. I rigged magnets to keep them open of shut as opposed to the threaded knobs intended for such.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	blast gate magnet 002.jpg 
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    I sanded the end to expose the corners on the plastic ones to avoid the sawdust getting jammed in them.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blast gate anti clog (1).jpg 
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Name:	blast gate anti clog (2).jpg 
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    I have found I prefer the clear hose from Rockler or Woodcraft (whichever one has it on sale at the time) as shown in the pics above. The super flexible hose tries to gather up and pulls at you, the higher quality hose can be too stiff for some purposes.
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    When I bought my DC I also bought the "starter pack" of hose and fittings from Harbor Freight. The flex hose was stiff and a pain to move from one machine to another. The hose clamps were low-quality wire ones. They worked OK, but just barely. I eventually bought a better quality hose and some Y fittings from Rockler. I also got some plastic gates. (Don't remember if they were part of the HF kit or if I got them elsewhere.) For a while I had lines running to various tools, and I used the gates to control what machine was getting suction. Eventually, I got tired of having the extra hose on the ground all the time, so I just went to a single 20' hose that I moved from one machine to another. (Quick-connect fitting on the end of the hose.) Moving the hose was as easier and faster as closing and opening gates.
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    Been a long time since I built a system. I can see where I will have a lot to learn! FWIW, I bought the items in question from Grizzly and felt they were fine. Gives you another place to shop.

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    I just bought some more hose from Woodworker's supply, the clear stuff (2 proce ranges, I got the cheaper one). It came yesterday and I'm loving it. While it is heavy (weight-wise) it is so flexible it was packed in a 3' long box lengthwise. Anyway, back to the fitting thing: my first rule of DC: nothing will fit perfectly. That seems to have been the case with everything I've tried so far, and making it fit really isn't hard....but sometimes it isn't very pretty.

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