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Thread: Rob's Fault

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    Rob's Fault

    I've always wanted some decent carving knives, even though I can't carve. But I play around with it when I'm sitting by a fire. Anyway Rob posted some web address of places that sell good carving knives. I gave it a look and really liked the ones Deep Woods Ventures offered. I also like that you could buy just the blades and make your own handles. So I purchased two to start and as time goes I hope to add to my box. These are them. I have some nice chunks of cocobolo so that is what I made the handles with. These puppies are sharp. The blades have not carved wood yet, but I have three band aids on my hands already! Don't ever sit next to me when I am trying to carve!!!

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    Oh boy! I bet we see some spiffy carving when you get the hang of it. Don't you also need one of those special carving gloves, so you don't carve yourself up? Good luck!

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    Flesh is too soft to carve, specially when it is one's own. I would suggest you start with a more suitable material like wood, that for sure will give better results and les pain. .

    Now that you've got the tools, you have no excuse to keep on trying, It is not as difficult as one may think.
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    Welcome to carving land Paul. Glad u were inspired.
    Just as a safety get a pair of the kevlar or better carving gloves. There are several places selling them, they only $10 a pair and in effect u only need on of them so a pair can last a while as they double sided.

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    Excellent, Paul!

    Rob's always stirring up something, isn't he?
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