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Thread: Wave Cabinet

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    Wave Cabinet

    This thing looks so fun. Practical? No. fun? Yes!
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    Very cool!
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    Somebody has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands.
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    I think the emphasis should be the unique design. Pretty cool what one can do with wood eh? Now imagine trying to do this in steel be too heavy.

    Love the way it fully opens like a boiled clam. Thats a design museum piece as far as i am concerned.

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    Those pieces are not suposed to be practical, their are image carriers and you must admit that they achieve what they are suposed to do. Catch people's attention and stir comments. It is very difficult to really make something sculptorical with a proper function fullfillment, if you read the comments and visit his page he's always playing on the border between sculptures and furniture.

    By his name and surname he must be Basc or from basc origins.
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