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Thread: bored with boards

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    bored with boards

    Ive been making so many different boards lately, thought Id be done last month, had made 8 of them, and a couple of weeks ago, they were gone, and I wanted to have something to bring to Indiana(not for the woodworkers, Im aware my work is beneath all those accomplished craftsmen, but I wanted to have something I made for some other guests that may help out), but since the decision was only 10 days ago we were going, I didn't have much choice but to make something simple, as of Friday my shop will be shut down until I get back(parking my car in there for driveway reseal)

    I also promised elen Id make some for a few of her friends.

    heres some finished ready to go, and some boards in first glue up,(all have rubber feet on them, the cutting boards have stainless screws in them, the tray does not) Ill have some more glued up tomorrow, Im tired, hot, and my foot hurts, not to mention Im old and broken down, so enough is enough. Im getting a little bored with boards.(isn't life grand, I finally got to a point where my knee isn't killing me all the time, walk over a mile each morning, able to work in the garage, but the limping now and then, has given me a hammertoe. I visit my knee doctor and foot doctor so much I might have to invite them to my kids weddings, if that ever happens)

    the tray was oiled and poly'ed, a total mistake, but that's how I learn what not to do again.

    I think I posted somewhere 4 or 5 of the previous batch. Not sure where.

    just don't want anyone to think Im sleeping out here on the east coast and not turning out any woodworking, even though book cases and boards/trays are pretty simple things, it keeps me busy.

    the last couple of boards, as one can see, Im running out of walnut scrap pieces, and it will hurt me too much to cut down an 8 footer to make a board.
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    Hey, wood is wood, and you're working it. Nice-looking boards. Glad to see you're staying busy.
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    Anybody would be happy to give one a home, Allen! Nice work.

    My choice for finish would have been a mixture of Beeswax and Mineral Oil.
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    You can burn out on anything if you do it enough in a given amount of time. The boards are beautiful and it is a tribute to your work ethic that the last one looks as well finished as the earlier ones. I sometimes have to control my "eye-roll" when someone asks for a wall cabinet or other item that I have made a lot of. The cu$tomer is (almost) alway$ right.
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    I made the mistake of leaving that tray in my front room where a lot of people saw it, and Id lilke to say I got a lot of orders, but its more like requests, since everyone I know thinks wood grows on trees and doesn't cost me anything.(oh wait, yeah, it does, but trees are expensive)
    But they wanted bigger trays then the one I made for Jons mom, so heres two more finished.
    Don't remember what oil, brushed on twice, then waterlox gloss rubbed on twice, then rubbed down the shine a bit.
    No poly on these. whatever I have laying around, is how I finish them.
    the handles were purchased in Baileys discount store, down the street from Jonathan, 99 cents each, perfect for these trays, (I purchased 18 handles)all trays have rubber feet on them, not stainless screws, only on cutting boards I use stainless steel screws.
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    They look great from here Allen!

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    Mighty nice looking boards, Allen. As long as you keep setting them in the front room, there are gonna be "requests"

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    Allen those look real nice.
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    Errrrrrrr......can i put in a request for one. lol. They look great.

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