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Thread: Train Cradle-Updated Webpage

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    Train Cradle-Updated Webpage

    I had a lot of interest in the train cradle I made for my infant daughter. It doubles as a toybox as well. I made a webpage for it just after it was made (about a year ago) but someone on here pointed out that the pictures were a wee bit small.

    I have since updated my webpage of it, and I think the new page can show the details better. I think the descriptions of what I did work perfectly though, so those remain as was. Hopefully this unique train cradle design will inspire others.

    Train Cradle Webpage

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    Thanks for the update.

    I hadn't seen it. Nice work. Just goes to show that with a few tools and a bit of imagination one can do anything.

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    Very Cool Travis
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    Hii Travis,
    That is a very fine keepsake. Creative how you added the lids and drawers. That is all very thoughtful. Nice work.
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