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Thread: Little shaper

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    Little shaper

    A coworker had this left to him by a grandfather. Although he is a woodworker he has no use for it. He asked me if I would like to have it and I said sure! However, it needs a little TLC. Does anyone know about this manufacturer or about the shaper itself? Any suggestions on where to find parts or the process I should use to clean it up?

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    I can't tell you anything about it, Rennie, but I found this spec sheet. There are manuals for sale on ebay and Amazon. Looks like an interesting little tool!
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    To clean it up after removing the dust, I would use citric acid for the top and once clean apply any of the usual products for cast iron tops. For the body I always get good results with WD40 because it leaves de surfaces where the paint has come off protected. the motor and inner guts are a different matter.
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    Neat tool. For clean up I'm pretty much a WD-40 guy. Then Johnsons paste wax on the top. I get a lot of use out of my Grizzly mini-shaper. I'm sure you will find many uses for that one.
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    Nice score, Rennie. It looks like a benchtop router table on steroids.
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    I like those benchtop shapers - used to have a JD Wallace "Workace" and now use an old Delta light duty model. What all did your shaper come with - motor, stand, cutters, etc.? I think that one uses 1/2" shaper cutters. They're not hard to find if you don't have a good variety to choose from. Routers spin up a lot faster, and router bits are easier/cheaper to get. The shaper cutters, though, are pretty easy to resharpen when needed, and the machine runs a lot quieter than a router table (assuming you use an induction motor).

    That shaper is a pretty simple machine and is a lot more robust than any router you'll ever use. Replacing the bearings should be pretty straight forward, and a decent notched belt will handle the small pulley just fine. I expect it will clean up really well.

    Have fun with it.


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