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Thread: Wrong Kind of Fireworks

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    Wrong Kind of Fireworks

    Happy Independence Day, all. Here's a reminder...if you've been drinking, don't drive, OK?

    This is my wife's car. She was sitting in a left turn lane a few hours ago waiting to turn when a lady in a Smart car headed southbound missed the westbound right turn, jumped the median, and took out the traffic light. No injuries, but unfortunately, I think my wife's Acura will be totaled due to the bent roof. The lady driving the Smart car seemed fine and was very apologetic, but she didn't pass the field sobriety test and was taken away in handcuffs. She's gonna have a worse 4th of July than we are, and ours isn't going all that well. Fortunately, she has good insurance, and it's the same company we have, so there shouldn't be any bickering.

    Be careful out there!

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    Sorry to see this, but glad your wife escaped without injury. The Acura looks like it was in great shape before the accident. I hope you two don't take any kind of financial hit from this mess.

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    Not good and glad all came out well. Impressive the lack of damage the cars have with what happened. Vehicle safety has came a long way
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    That's sad. Firepepper Red was a 2002 only color. If it was low mileage, hope insurance doesn't yank you around on a 13 year old car...

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    Bummer about the car, but good that Kian wasn't hurt.

    Hopefully, the insurance will settle quickly, and not cause you further heartburn.
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    An Acura and a smart car pull up to a stop light....
    That could have been a lot worse. Happy 5th maybe?
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    Ouch....that is never any fun the only good news is there were no injuries. Hopefully the insurance will make you well. I didn't think that a smart car could knock over one of those poles.
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    Looks like the Smart Car wasn't so smart after all..... Glad the missus wasn't hurt... know she was scared when that light pole started down onto her car.
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    That'll reset your heartrate. wow, I can only imagine her reaction when that thing crashed down on her. Hope all works out well and you have a better day today.
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    So glad no one got hurt but I'm with Don I cant believe a Smart Car could knock a pole down
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