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Thread: Something cropped up...

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    Something cropped up...

    When I came downstairs this morning, my wife noticed that I was leaving a trail of blood on the floor. Examination revealed that I had torn a callous off my right big toe, so I spent the day at the hospital having it looked at and dressed. The upshot is that i can walk, but not a lot. So, God willing, I'll be coming to see my daughter in Warsaw, but not camping over at Jonathan's. Instead, I plan to come over on Saturday only, so I'll still get to see you all and participate some, but not as much as I had hoped.

    I can't see myself camping and such with this extra impediment laid on me.

    This is just another thing that makes living with diabetes so much fun.

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    Life always intervenes when you are making other plans. Looking forward to seeing you and will try not to step on that toe

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    Aw man, and I had already bet my money on you to win the potato sack race. Sheesh! There goes THAT $1.75. Heal quickly, Roger.
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    Get well soon, Roger!!!
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