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Thread: car cribbage board fabrication

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    car cribbage board fabrication

    i thought it might be fun for others to see the magic of the cnc while creating the 57 chevy sport coupe. this go round i started off with drilling the holes (i forgot to change the drilling from pecking, and it took a while longer), then i went on to engraving the title at the top, the skunk lines with a nice letter s, then a look at the tool path display that shows where cutting is being done, the start of engraving the car body details, and the finished board. all in all, with the pecking of the holes, it took about an hour and a half to make this board.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 001 drilling holes.jpg   002 carving name.jpg   003 name carved.jpg   004 skunk lines engraved.jpg   005 first skunk line.jpg  

    006 second skunk line.jpg   007 tool path display.jpg   008 start of car body engraving.jpg   009 car body engraved.jpg   010 tail fin detail.jpg  

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    You do such a good job. The pictures were great and the outcome was classic. I see a lucrative future for you.


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    Looks mighty good, Dan! I'm sure that'll go over well with your client!
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    Lookin Good Dan - Way to go.

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