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Thread: Finally finished

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    Finally finished

    Built my new shop about 4 years ago and never really finished. Being around everyone at the family gathering over the weekend has inspired my desire for working out in the shop again. Sunday morning I went out to the shop and this was the first thing that came to mind. I simply never finished trimming out this window. So, cut some trim and now I can say....I'm done....well...except paint.
    I know most of you will say...big deal.....However for me that has just put it off for so long....yeah it least for me.
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    I'll go with "big deal" in the non sarcastic sense to actually wrap it up finally, takes a long time to get to those last details sometimes. I had mine "done" for a while but man it needs a re-done bad!

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    Looks good, Tom! Sometimes, it's baby steps.

    The one window in my shop has gone untrimmed for eight years now. There's a lot of other area that's untrimmed. Everything works!
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    Better late tan never Tom, we all go through those iddle times, the only problem is that they pass so fast that when one realices a full year or more has passed. Besides you needed some woodworking warm-up exercise didn't you? I think that this has been a good one.
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    Way to go, Tom. Whether you get it done is more important than when you get it done. Now... just a little bit of paint will get you a gold star from the shop gods.

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