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Thread: Pocket Screw Installation Tool Preference?

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    Pocket Screw Installation Tool Preference?

    I'm curious about what tool(s) y'all use to install pocket screws.

    I got an impact driver last year and just recently had the opportunity to drive a bunch of pocket screws.... I'm not sure I like the impacter for the task... it seems like the flat pocket head kept the screw from over driving, but the impact torque spun the screw and the threads destroyed the hole.
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    I use one of my trusty PC 1800D drivers, starting with a light clutch setting. As I start setting the first screw, I increase the clutch until I get a good, tight fit without stripping the wood fibers. Then, keep the clutch setting for the remainder of that segment of the job.
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    Depends on the position. Generally a small 12v clutched drill/driver. I also have a Milwaukee Hummingbird and a right angle VS drill. For finer things I drive them by hand.
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    i don't use pocket screws, so i cannot comment.
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    I would expect the impact driver to do just as you described....doesn't sound like a good idea. They go in so easy I've never found a cordless drill to have problems with them.

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    I generally save the impact driver for driving long screws in construction type projects. Too easy to overdrive and split the wood or strip the hole.
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    Same here, use a drill and set the clutch, the impact will do as you described.

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    I use my impact driver, heck I use it for all my driving needs! You just have to have a quick finger!

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    I use my 12v milwaukee drill and like Bill mentioned set the torque clutch. Tried a driver and had similar experience to you. It did not have a clutch on it so could not control the torque.

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    I have always used my impact driver for years with no issues...........but now the next time I will snap one, better switch to my drill driver before murphy kicks in

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