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Thread: Travel Trailer trouble part i dunno losing count

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    Travel Trailer trouble part i dunno losing count

    Well i certainly got suckered with my trailer.
    1) First was the tires, all 5 replaced under warranty but my cost and time for labor and fitting.
    2) As a result replace one wheel bearing.
    3) Perished propane tank hookup hoses. (Replaced at my cost)
    4) Replaced what is supposed to last 10 years, carbon monoxide / smoke detector. They programmed to annunciate when end of life is reached.
    5) Still to be fixed awning track with cut right above main door.
    6) Fixed black pipe propane pipe mounting.
    7) Cabinet doors stiles coming apart. Pull on handle and end up with a stile in your hand. Not an ounce of glue was used, just two tiny pins in corner. ( Fixed that with titebond 2 last night).

    Never mind vinyl wrap that's peeling and laminate counter edging that's just peeling off.

    Last weekend Linda is standing next to bed and feels soft patch on her side of floor.

    Well during this week i go investigate and discover any trailer owners worst nightmare.

    Floor is completely rotten on her side. Thought it was just a small spot. But opened up the plastic tarp type cover underneath and oh man i had to get up and go for a drive to commiserate with a friend who about 4 years ago i helped rebuild a few of his trailer walls he did floors on his own. Difference his trailer was 20 + years old.

    Ours is 2012 model . Has been looked after and been covered with proper trailer cover each winter.

    So investigation begins and i find cause, well definitely one of the sources.
    Had to pull out external shower fitting and housing to access compartment behind where floor is rotten and find pump with screw on fittings that are not even hand tight. Duh. All the white water residue all over fitting.

    Fasten that then found leak on other side of pump.
    Pump has been mounted to floor then connected up with hose that is about 2 inch short so stretched to make fit and pull pump off mounting never mind other end.
    Not at the end of the trail yet but this has been leaking since being manufactured but...way its covered underneath moisture is retained and its like a rotting wood test chamber. Could manufacture spalted wood of any kind in these under floor cavities.

    And all this one week before we leave for 2 week trip to Halifax.

    But to add insult to injury...when my friend came over we spotted something in panel beneath fridge. It was a different color wood.
    From standing height, it looked like water had wicked up and darkened the vinyl/paper covering. I made a note to investigate it.
    Initially i blamed myself thinking this probably happened with some fridge defrost or something at some camping event.

    Well last night i get down up close leverage the short piece off and could not believe my eyes.
    There had been water damage and dealer had pulled the piece, was not able to get matching cherry vinyl to rewrap so put a darker color over (this looked like wicked water creeping up) and they deliberately fork tailed the edges to try blend it in with lighter color cherry wrap.

    It was pure fraud to hide some leak i suspect is from underside of fridge. Need to investigate further.

    So i got my work cut out this weekend.

    The floor rotten is too big a job to fix before we go so i will make a temp fix with some ply from beneath.
    Plus i want to make sure is have killed off the sources of said leaks.

    I cannot convey how disappointed i am with myself for being suckered and with the trailer company for making such crap but the dealer fraud is the worst.

    I now believe they used this trailer or it was a factory demo of sort.

    Clue to me was the hot water tank anode that needed replacing 3 months into my ownership when the whole trailer had been used for one weekend.

    Now all i think about is ....whats next. Oy Vey.

    As my friends wife said to me what happens to the people that buy these things and don't have any diy skills.

    So much for weekend plans.

    Positive side is finding it out before its even further damaged. But fixing this is a huge job involves taking aluminum siding off to get to framing and replacing floor framing and plywood floor for 5ft x 2ft area on left rear. Repairing pex pipe leaks on pump.

    So have fun this weekend you now know what i will be doing.

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    That is a total bummer. #7 and the next sentance caught my attention the most. Those signs could indicate the entire trailer was flooded at one time. With that much water damage that is a real possibility. From you description, it may be possible repairs are not economically feasible. If it were me there are a couple possible courses of action. One, I could have Rocco from Chicago pay the dealer a visit. Two, lawsuit time. Sadly, it does not look like there will be a positive outcome for you. Sorry. Keep us informed.
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    "4) Replaced what is supposed to last 10 years, carbon monoxide / smoke detector. They programmed to annunciate when end of life is reached."

    Actually, when you're already dead, it's too late for them for go off.

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    Does sound like a law suit in the making, being only 3 years old it shouldn't have that kind of water damage.

    That said, my parents trade off their 5th wheel about every 5 years as they don't want to deal with things breaking down, but of course they live in theirs half the year.

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    Geez Rob, you ended up with the lemon of lemons there!

    I'm with Frank that the whole thing sounds dubiously like they knew this and were dumping it on you.

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    I can sympathize with you Rob. I had a similar experience with a slide in camper custom ordered from a company with a good reputation. Total goat circus from the start. Despite repeated assurances they failed to honor the delivery date. As a result the wife was stuck in a motel in Seattle with three young kids and no wheels and I was in another motel in Portland...for ten days, while they slapped together my order. When the camper finally arrived, nothing worked. No bracing under seats and bed, water line not hooked up, gas line to refrigerator kinked almost closed....etc., etc. When I lowered the jacks on the four corners to stabilize the rig, the entire front end underneath the cab over section separated from the rest of the unit. I could stick my arm through the crack where the floor joined the front wall. The company made good on the cost of motels and food and paid for repairing the separation issue, but it cost me all my vacation time for the year. A lot of strong words were exchanged. After all the problems were fixed, we got ten years of use and a lot of fun out of that baby. Eventually, an unnoticed leak in the roof/wall joint rotted out one side of the unit and it ended up in the dump. I feel for ya man.
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    Other than a few problems, sounds like it's in pretty good shape.... NOT!

    Don't mean to make fun, but there's a point where you can't cry anymore and have to just laugh. Hopefully, a good lawyer can get the dealer to understand he's responsible for what he sells.
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    Yeah, I'd be lawyering up right about now. That's bogus!
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    That dealer really did you dirty, Rob. Time to call in the barristers/solicitors.
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    Well i hear ya guys on the lawyer up and maybe if i lived in the US i would take a shot at it. But trying to do this from Canada i dont see being worth the risk of the fee investment. Now if i could find a lawyer that would take a case like this on contingency heck i would go for it in a flash just for the justice.

    Instead i will suck it up and just fix it myself. Then on the plus side i will know whats what on this trailer. Not fun but i am a realist and its a pragmatic way forward. I dont have time or inclination to spend ages fighting this dealer with no certainty to outcome.

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