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Thread: Sorry, guys.

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    Sorry, guys.

    I promised to show you my 14 minute video of Ted Calver turning a bowl. However, the file was 1.77GB, and was lost due to a copying accident, while uploading it to my computer. I have taken some of the lessons I learned from watching Ted, and turned the outside of a bowl. I had to stop as it was getting dark, and it's raining today, so I may finish it tomorrow.

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    Dang it, Roger. That would have gone viral and made you a millionaire Hope your bowl comes out great.

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    I would download it for you if there was a way to plug a USB port onto my brain
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    I didn't think it was an easy job turning that bowl on that small lathe that wasn't really secured down that well.
    but then again, Ted was turning it, and I walked away with a little more knowledge on bowl turning, and how to lightly scrape the outside.

    it was a beautiful thing to see from start to finish(I had to run and get my meds in the middle of it, but caught start, and a lot of the end turning, at least up to the point when he stopped), he walked over to Jons massive lumber pile, picked out a log, jon, trimmed it down, and from a piece of random firewood, came that great bowl.
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