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Thread: Oh, gee! Another one...

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    Oh, gee! Another one...

    Following some of the good advice I was given on my last bowl, I did this one. Took Vaughn's suggestion about making the sides slant more, and Ted and Ryan and Vaughn's about the size of the tenon. I'm happy with this one. It has the thinnest walls of any of my bowls so far. I would like to know where the black marks on the bowl come from. They are in an area of heavy rings, so I am wondering it the pine is leaking a little pitch. After all my tools are perfectly clean!

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    looking good there Roger, I'd say that's a keeper.

    No idea on the rings, they do seem to follow the wood (from what I can see..). Might have been already there?

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    Oh, gee! Another one...

    Roger, I like the looks of it. Well done!
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    Much better, Roger. The overall shape of the bowl flows nicely and the tennon looks good.

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    Man, you're progressing in leaps and bounds, Roger. The ogee form looks very nice, I like the foot/tenon proportions a lot, and your sanding is looking much better, too. And with crappy wood, no less. I can't wait to see what you do to a nice piece of cherry or maple.
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    That is a very fine looking bowl. Time to move to better wood, although that is some pretty pine.
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