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Thread: Friday once again

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    Friday once again

    And its a beautiful day here in the outer beltway region or Maryland , don't know what in store for this weekend. I do have a shop full of furniture to finish. No plans other then work and maybe a ride plus church.
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    Today we have cards and lunch with some friends, tomorrow is another market day for me, then Sunday is a kick back day.
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    Have family coming in from MN tonight...I'll be out in the heat grilling food for everyone while they are all inside in the AC. I'll stay cold with a few beers. Tomorrow my dad and I are gonna work on building a bike rack that will hold 4 bikes for a trip coming up in a few weeks. Sunday will be some pool time and relaxing.
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    A grocery store trip this morning, helping a friend (my only friend since we recently moved here lol). He's bringing a life size elk he cut on his plasma table and we're going to use my TIG welder to stitch the pieces together. Then maybe a quiet evening at home and tomorrow an hour and a half drive each way to pick up the teenager from church camp! Maybe some more time Sunday to play in the shop.

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    Planning to spend some time with the grandson, do yard work, try to cleanup the laundry room and get some tile laid, then maybe get another brew burping to keep the pipeline filled. Have some new gadgets to play with on the arduino, so may do a little of that also.

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    Since returning from our "vacation" Thursday afternoon, we've been in recovery mode! Two days of walking around St. Augustine, then five days of walking and stairs on the Carnival Fascination whipped me out. At least I'm back in my shop today!!!

    One thing I did before we left on our trip was to download a bunch of tutorial videos from Vectric. I viewed several of them on our cruise and now it's time to put some new knowledge to work.

    More shop time Saturday. Hopefully, the final cut on a piece for my son; then test carves on a couple other items.

    Sunday should be our usual routine of brunch, chill, NASCAR(Indy400), chill, etc., etc., etc...........
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    Looking forward to the end of this work day as I will be on vacation next week nothing really planned, maybe a trip to the range and blow the dust out of the barrels, maybe some local touring with some watering holes in between

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    Keeping my newly poured driveway extension wet so it cures well in this heat...without flooding the crawlspace; At least a full day of weeding to bring the garden back up to standards; At least a couple of Mojitos from that giant mint patch taking over the back yard.

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    CNC build today and tomorrow. Work on Sunday. Maybe more CNC that afternoon. CNC is for weekends only, well, Friday and Saturday. But I have some work travel coming up which will disrupt that plan.

    Wonder why I never plan food like you guys do? Maybe when I have a real kitchen again - NOT! No interest in cooking. Not even much interest in eating, unless someone else is cooking! Eating out is also boring. And no room for dabbling in brews and bubbly stuff.

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    we don't have any solid plans yet, besides the supermarket.

    I did get out there this morning and moved the mirror project Im working on a bit more, got the tile set up, so Ill let that cure for 2 days or so, before I grout.
    Ill post some pics when I know if Im finishing it or not.(I don't know anything about laying tile, grouting, so this is a first for me, if I don't like it, it gets dumped.

    other than that, Im a free man today, so Ill head over and get myself a nice turkey on whole wheat bagel for lunch, and that, is my total set plans for the weekend.
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