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Thread: been busy with tests yesterday and today...

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    been busy with tests yesterday and today...

    note, these are all test versions, and some need minor tweaks that wouldn't have shone themselves otherwise. first, we have the 55 chevy sport coupe, i think i need to lighten up the cut on the body, or eliminate some of the detail, as some detail work was lost in the process. then we have something just for me, a burro viejo woodworking sign, this one was pretty much ok, but i need to go a bit deeper with the outline of the logo. then we have a cribbage board for my dentist. i need to give it a light rub with 220 to get rid of the dust nibs, then the final coat of shellac. next is the largemouth bass cribbage board. i need to remove some of the gray area details, hopefully that will cure the center of the belly from getting chopped up like that. then we have a board for my downstairs neighbor. his son is in a lowrider club in texas, and he wants to send a bit of minnesota to him. i'm going to go a little heavier on the state engraving, because it seems a bit on the light side. then there is the minnesota state cribbage board. this one was pretty much ok, but i accidentally carved the state name too deep, good enough for pictures. the last one is for the downstairs neighbor as well. it is a shed sign for his gf's brother. only thing awkward about this one, is that the first test went a little nuts, and started cutting a little too deep in the pocketing, but stopped it in time before it messed up the blank. the items for the downstairs neighbor are test versions, they will be done up in walnut.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 55 chevy sport coupe.jpg   burro viejo sign.jpg   chalet dental board.jpg   largemouth bass board.jpg   lowrider board.jpg  

    minnesota state cribbage board.jpg   shed sign.jpg  
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    Very good test results, Dan! Those are going to be nice!

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    They look great Dan. You are certainly on a roll.

    Keep in mind that different angle on "V" bits give a distinctly different "look".

    And be careful with copyrights.

    Some companies are very particular about how their "logo" is duplicated.

    Sports teams - Disney, and others may send their lawyer friends to come knocking on your door if they think you are taking advantage of their logo.

    Making something for a friend may not have them calling on you - but I personally will NOT sell anything that even is remotely covered under copyright laws.

    I have made and sold a few sports plaques, but I bought the embroidered emblems legally and make a plaque to hold them.

    Just looking at the Harley Davidson logo there.

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    Looking good, Dan! Keep 'em coming!!!
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    Looking real good, looks like you've moved on from testing. ;-)


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