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Thread: Hardly up to Roger's skill level..

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    Hardly up to Roger's skill level..

    but his recent posts had me trying to accomplish something on my lathe (before I get to a flatwork project I have to do). Anyway, these are hardly worthy of posting...but the experience of doing them was priceless. The entire effort was to try some things that all of you already know how to do. The walnut bowl has a recess in the bottom for the chuck. The other two had glued-on tenons for the chuck to grip. The platter was just some scrap I had laying around. This gave me a chance to use several tools, and learn the proper (and some improper) techniques with the with the chisels. The walnut had some scary cracks in it that I though would go away, they didn't so I stopped working on it a little early. The little maple bowl was just to work on a small piece. The platter I cut too thin, when i removed the glued on tenon I cracked the bottom of it. Oh, well...all in all a very worthwhile effort, even if the results don't speak to it. Now, we return to your regularly scheduled flatwork project.
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    Very post worthy, Fred. Learning to deal with all the tricks wood throws at you is part of the turning process and you ended up with some great looking pieces.

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    Looks darn good Fred! Careful, the spinny work is to fun and can overwhelm the flat stuff

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    Every single thing it worth posting, we can all learn from it, so erase that thought from your mind Fred. They are very worthy, as Ted says. I don't see anything wrong in the results. If I tried making something like that my results would be far below that level, but I would learn a lot from them and from the comments and suggestions from the family. So flatwork or turned keep those posts coming!
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    Those look great bad about that platter...I really like the looks of it! Think I'll glue up some scraps this weekend and give it a go too.
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    Post worthy? Of course they are post worthy! Those look just dandy to me! You did something that I don't do and that is segmented. Guess I can, just never did. Anyway, like Ryan said the lathe work is kind of addictive. I gave up furniture building for it. And, not looking back.

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    I'll just join the choir and agree with all the previous comments. All three pieces look nice from here, and you should never hesitate to post pics of your learning experiences.
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    They all look good from here. We learn by our mistakes, and I've made plenty. As to my skill level, I'm a rank beginner, still making mistakes and trying to make the best of it, but when it goes well, there's nothing like it!

    Your platter reminds me that I picked up two pieces of wood a curly maple and a purple heart, as my daughter asked me for a striped cutting board, and I went off to pick up some bowl blanks, and left the two pieces leaning against a gondola.

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