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    crib completed

    awhile back i was asking questions in the finishing forum about safe finishes for a crib i was making for my lil man who is on the way. well after some thought and research i decided to just stick with a finish i know, minwax satin poly, their website claims all their finished are non toxic, and mommy promised to whip some tush if he tried to take a taste of the bed anyway.

    so after 2 coats of an olympic oil based stain "mocha brown" we had the coverage we wanted, really dark and i preceded to apply 3 coats of the satin rubbing with 0000 steel wool between coats. it came out pretty good, mommy is very happy and that is the most important thing.

    it's a little different than most cribs, it has a modern feel which we like and it has an integrated bookcase on one side.

    I used alder and 3/4 alder ply. the rails are mortise and tenons done with the delta mortising attachment for my drill press. which was interesting because I had to move the table of the bench top drill press out of the way to be able to get the rails under the bit. took a little figuring and thankfully only a one time setup.

    everything else was put together with biscuits and lots of glue. the side opposite of the bookcase is actually two panels of 13/16" alder rails and stiles with a 3/4" ply panel, tongue and groove construction. i wanted it to look thick but not have the weight of solid wood that size.

    anyway, enough babbling, here it is.

    i am now working on an armoire and changing table with hutch to go with them. hoping to be in the finishing stage this weekend. fingers crossed.

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    thanks for looking

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    Cool design. You'll need the bookshelves for sure. Great job!

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    Nicely done, Chris. I like the bookcase idea. I'll bet it get a lot of stuff
    packed onto it over the years. And congrats on the imminent addition.
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    Great job Cris!

    I like the book cases too. I love to see a child with a book.


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    thanks everyone.

    matt, i used the kit that goes with the wood magazine 3 in one bed so that i could make this into a toddler bed later by taking off one of the rails and replacing it with a stretcher at the bottom. mommy didn't want the railings to move and that made it a little easier.


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