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Thread: Oh, gee! More zebrawood and more ash...

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    Oh, gee! More zebrawood and more ash...

    I bought a zebrawood blank, amongst other things, when I went to my favorite wood shed. As soon as I had the bottom turned, my younger daughter saw it and said, "Can I have that?" Of course I said yes, but with the holiday weekend stuff going on, I didn't finish it until this morning. I had turned the outside of the ash bowl at the same time, but she didn't want that one.

    The zebrawood turned out to have a crack in it, but the crack is fully closed and shouldn't be an issue. I didn't do a great job on the bottom of the ash bowl, so I'm probably going to put it in the cole slaws, er jaws, and clean it up a bit next time I put the cole jaws on the chuck.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looking good Roger!
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    I'm loving it....

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    More nice work, Roger. You're a man on a mission lately.
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    Nice work! You might not be happy with the bottom on the ash, but the top sure looks good

    Boy the grain on this one is sure an eye twizzler isn't it!
    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	zebrash02.jpg 
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ID:	91585
    Now that you're a few in, what would be your personal take on using somewhat harder woods vs the pine?

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