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Thread: My head is spinning

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    My head is spinning

    Well my head is always spinning, but I have some new thoughts.

    I still have some unfinished projects, but I wanna do something.

    I have a BEAUTIFUL 3D lions head model.

    My home office is my den. I've called it my den for many years. It's actually just a bedroom I have converted into a home office - my Den.

    So -- It's Leo's Den -- see where I am going here?

    I think the lions head - with flowing main is going to be 18 x 17 x 5 inches thick. That will be mounted on a background of black Smaltz - maybe oval - maybe bordered - Lions head painted - glazed - not like a wood glaze. Eyes painted - Nose painted.

    Then with bold letters - Leo's Den.

    This plaque will be BOLD - and IN CHARGE.

    Ohhh - BTW - the new bedford sign is completed and will be installed Saturday morning.

    The hummingbird plaque is completed and shipped out today.

    Soooo - I need to get back into kitchen remodel - but my side projects will be this lion - and a swap item - and Christmas somethings.

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    Wow, that'll be quite an attention grabbing piece! Can't wait!

    Patiently waiting for the New Bedford & Hummingbird updates too!!

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    You could put glass eyes on it, to make it look more fierce !
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