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Thread: So it's Friday, I think. What are your plans for the weak end?

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    So it's Friday, I think. What are your plans for the weak end?

    I am not wearing my watch that has the day on it, but I think it is Friday. I have a wedding to go to in Toronto today, and my son, DIL and grandson are leaving on Sunday, but I'm jonesing for my lathe, so I may finish a bowl on Saturday. What are you guys up to?

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    I suppose the main plan should be to make the "weak" end stronger!
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    Spending time tonight with the Grandson before he goes to his dads for a week. Outside of some yard work I'm hoping to get some more work done on the laundry room and getting the washer dryer hookups moved and sink connections added. I bought a broken photo printer at an auction, I should have the rest of the replacement parts today or tomorrow to finish patching it back together. Sunday I hope to brew another batch and keg some more water.

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    Hopefully to INSTALL the New Bedford sign - still waiting for approvals

    clean the shop and get ready for possibly a Leo's Den plaque

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    Packing my parents camper tonight...heading out in the morning for a 5 day get away with the wife, the girl and the niece (who is the girl's best friend as well) Will only be on interstate for the first 5 miles getting out of town and then will be on old highways and county roads exploring NE Iowa, a bit of SE MN and across the big river in WI as well. Hope to see some interesting sites and show the girls some things you can't see from the interstate....I Can't Wait!!
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    This week we cleaned out my parents home and I grabbed his shop work bench, medal shelving units and a few shop organizers parts boxes. So today doing a bit more organizing in the shop. Tackling the art room finally.
    Tomorrow the wife and I are going to my son's home to visit and hear if his wife is having a bog or girl.
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    Gotta get more metal work done so I can sell enough to justify spending some $$ on building a good bed (clamping system too) for the table! I'm working on a desk clock now using one of the clock faces I got at the wood store the other day... Gotta cross over this stuff between metal and wood to keep it interesting!

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    Actually have a bit of woodworking in my plans. I'm putting together a very simple trellis for our grape vine to grow on. So far I'm at the hole-digging stage, and the decomposed granite soil here is kicking my butt. Once I get the last hole dug, it'll be a simple three post, two rail affair, but it will involve wood, saws, and a chisel.

    Tonight we've got four great tickets (about 5 rows above home plate) at the best Minor League ball park in the country to see the Albuquerque Isotopes beat the El Paso Chihuahuas. (Who names their baseball team after a little yappy dog, huh?)

    Saturday will be chores around the house, including the trellis, mixed with more guitar practice in advance of the Pink Floyd band's Monday rehearsal.

    Sunday is my monthly practical shooting club Range Day, where we go shoot up a bunch of paper bad guys. With any luck at all, a pistol that I have on order - a gift from my dad - will have arrived by then and I'll have a new toy to play with.
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    I will be spending my time in my reloading room loading up a bunch of ammo as my daughter and her husband will be coming to visit for a week next Saturday for a week and we will be spending time at my gun club. He is currently stationed at Andrews AFB and Maryland makes it tough for sport shooters to shoot. Last time they were here we went through 850 rounds.

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    Completing the refinishing job on the altar, communion rail and baptismal font that has taken up my entire week this week. Will get the last coats on today and clean up everything. Tomorrow is back at the Makersplace to work on the CNC. Pool party Sunday after church.

    I should say I absolutely hate finishing and will be glad to be done with this project. And a great big thank you to Dave Hawksford for advise and handholding. After it is rubbed out, I'll take a picture.

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