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Thread: exciting visit-------not

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    exciting visit-------not

    My sone DIL and grands are visiting this weekend. A very rare event for us. All are sitting doing 'stuff' on electronic devices. Conversation nearly non-existant. I guess the good news is we are not arguing. Not that we do. But........this is a 'visit'?
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    At lest they come over Frank I would give anything to just set and watch any of my kids.
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    I know the feeling. My son, DIL and grandson are here, and the grandson, who does not speak yet, spends a good part of his day with his eyes glued to his mother's iPod, watching "Paw Patrol." He is unresponsive to any communication, and of course if you take it away and turn it off, he screams bloody murder.

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    I was going to express an opinion, but I will keep my mouth shut...
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    Electronics are much like fire. A wonderful servant but a terrible master. Our 2 year old got her own tablet for her first birthday but we've only installed educational apps and limit her time to a reasonable amount. I have to change the wireless password and turn off his cell data to get my 14 year old to pay attention. It's a strange world and no matter how hard you try to parent correctly sometimes, the world seeps in and makes it tougher.

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    Well i'm just sitting here, waiting for my wife and son to get back from a christian concert. Not that that's uncommon, as the boys are always getting her to go some where. This is the 26 year old ( youngest) and they love to spend time together. And yes when he's not working he's on some kind of gaming system.

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    Just wondering if maybe there were some activities planned maybe things would go better. Just going to visit relatives never was very interesting for me. But when they had some kind of show and tell or activities to do really changed the whole picture.

    Maybe a little time in the shop teaching them how to turn a pen, or going out and doing a little target practice with Grampa might help to pry the devices out of the fingers?
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    I'm with Brent...give them something interesting to have a conversation about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    I was going to express on opinion, but I will keep my mouth shut...
    I agree with Paul.........

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    I have 16 grandkids. When we all (or some) get together at my home the rules are no phone or electronics and take off your hat when you are in the house. All the kids end up playing outside and having a ball. Keeping my 5 daughters off their phone is a bit more challenging though.
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