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Thread: Holiday carving project

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    Holiday carving project

    This is just a knife carving i did when i had the chance during our world wind trip to Nova Scotia.

    No plan just started out and wanted to make a farther xmas. It is what it is . Not wildly happy with it but i felt i had more idea of what to do after Tonis lessons.

    Forgot my clamps at home so could not use my chisels to do any practice carving as i had planned and i must have stopped at 5 different hardware stores to buy some F style clamps but none had any. So passed on trying as the "madam" was getting tired of me stopping.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also come to realize that i need to carve with my short range new good glasses. Its amazing what the photo shows up in terms of roughness that i could not see clearly with my eyes and my general glasses.

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    That is cool...I have tried three times now to carve spirit faces without much luck. I don't really have the symmetry think figured out yet. My goal is to carve some Santa's for christmas decorations this year. Ultimately I would like to put Santa in a sleigh with his team of reindeer but we will see if that will get done.

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    Have you seen the Lewis chessmen? I would dare to say that this has a bit of a similar feel to it. Really IMHO it came out pretty good from where I sit.

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    Holiday carving project

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Mooney View Post
    Have you seen the Lewis chessmen? I would dare to say that this has a bit of a similar feel to it. Really IMHO it came out pretty good from where I sit.

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    That's a far sight better than what I could carve, Rob.
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    I don't see any red stains on it so must have been good for the carver also!!!!
    That is a figure I always wanted to learn to carve so I could have a personalized walking staff later in life. Actually have some staff blanks in the rafters of the lean to off of the shop just for that purpose. Someday

    Good on you Rob for learning this and doing so well, you have come a long way man!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Good job Rob!

    As per needing the short range glasses I think that most of us that are beyond the 45 need them in one way or another.
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