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Thread: "Vent" for Bowl Sanding Hood

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    "Vent" for Bowl Sanding Hood

    I am in beginning stage of making this bowl sanding hood.Mine will be longer as I will sand my flutes in it in which a few are 34" long.I will have a 4" hose from my HF dust collector going to it but I dont know what kind of vent to buy or make.I know it have to be longer than usual.I hope the HF dc can pull enough.I may have to do some creative when I do the long 34" flute.Dont do many that long but maybe I can slide a divider in there or something to close off part of the hood if it isnt pulling enough with all of the hood "open"....not concerned about the 34" as much but the most common size I do is 30"....Any ideas on the vent are welcomed! Thanks in advance!

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    Check this out.

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    I do like the look of the robo hood. I'm thinking with the wimpy HF maybe two vents with gates might be the way to go... although I'm not sure if that would mess up the airflow and just make it weak all over.

    Will be interested to see what you come up with as I'm in a similar setup and still sans hood.

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    I built one once from a 5 gallon Lowe's bucket. It worked OK, but I found it easier to just position my 6" DC hose near the backside of the piece I was sanding and cover it with a piece of 1/2" hardware cloth to keep from sucking up sanding pads/tools etc. That works best for me.

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    Why am I not surprised the Robo Hippy Hood is so good
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    Yes his stuff works good.I had looked at it...Its where I got the idea!! Hope to work on some this weekend!

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    The drawback I see with Robo's is that one end is closed for bowls. For spindle both ends would need to be open. Unless you have a very long quill in the tailstock you would need at least two, one for 30" and one for 34". Robo also has a 3 HP. His works great for bowls it appears.
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    I suppose it's alright. But, Ted's idea sure seems a lot simpler to me. I'm not one given to making something simple difficult or complicated. But, if it works for him, good for him! Just not my way of doing things.

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