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Thread: It's Friday! 8/14/2015 Edition

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    It's Friday! 8/14/2015 Edition

    TGIF! I'm feeling a little sore today, trimmed half the trees around the yard, cleaned up shrubs in the back yard, and loaded it all up on the trailer last night. I still have one dead tree to fit on the trailer, maybe a few more clippings, but going to try to get that all to the yard waste center tomorrow to drop off. Then I'm hoping to bring back a yard or so of stone to replace around the pool. I should have my stacking kit for the washer and dryer today too, so may try to get those done and move forward a little more on the laundry room remodel. Other than that, have dinner with friends tonight and going to try and "relax" in between projects.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    My bride is on call all weekend so who knows maybe she'll get the rest of her baby deliveries in so she can get full priveliges at the hospital, she only needs about 6 more to have her 50!

    Nothing on the schedule this weekend, the kiddo (14) is in football this year for the first time and he wants some gloves and a ball to throw at home so probably a trip to town for that. I got the wood bed in the CNC yesterday so I'm fine tuning and flycutting the spoilboard today so hopefully I'll get started on a few projects. I am building a flag display case for a friend for his grandpa's casket flag. Oh, and of course I need to start a project for the swap as soon as I figure out what I'm gonna make.

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    Just back in town after a little vacation so lot's of outside yard work to do. Gonna be hot, hot, hot this weekend so not much shop time. Need to finish cleaning some oak limbs in the back yard...some bowl blanks will be cut, but mostly firewood for next winter.
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    Darren, you make me look like a slacker. What a schedule you have on your plate. When you finish your trees have plenty more here you can work on.
    Not planning anything specific. Hope to do shop work. Trying out a mortising unit on drill press. Picked up dp at auction. Didn't realize that it is a no name variety. No brand anywhere, just made in Taiwan. Works better than my old bench top unit. See what comes of it. I do know it is one heavy sucker.
    Everyone have a safe and productive weekend

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    Not much happening here... a trip to town later today to have the A/C recharged in the car and get a quote on a couple of other repairs for it... tomorrow is another market day for me, so this evening I'll load the truck and head out tomorrow morning early for the Farmer's Market... Sunday will be a kick back day.
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    LOML and I are in the last day of our visit in San Antonio, TX. We drove my granddaughter home Tuesday and have been spending time with old friends. We'll break the trip back to Georgia by spending the night in Baton Rouge, LA and having dinner at TJ Ribs. Sunday mid-afternoon should see us back home, but that'll be crash time for sure! You can bet I'll be in my shop on Monday!!!!!
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    Off to the market for some Queso Oaxacca to stuff the Hatch chili's with for some chili relleno (wife's favorite). Then it's fig picking time. We have a bumper crop of the brown turkeys this year and it's time to make ginger fig preserves.
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    Gotta continue fencing the back yard to keep the dang rabbits out. They have all but destroyed the bean crop, snipping the vines off at rabbit height. There may be some "shoot, shovel and shush" going on this weekend. I keep hearing Elmer Fudd voices in my head!

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    A little swap-project time and the rest on household stuff.
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    Thank God It's Friday is all I can say......

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    takin a break

    Last few weeks were a marathon

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