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Thread: first try at 2 sided work

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    first try at 2 sided work

    aside from the fun and games with photovcarve, it wasn't too bad of a day. got to get my first attempt in at 2 sided work. i started by planing down some hard maple earlier, and set up the cnc to be able to flip it over. imagine my surprise when i found that i had forgotten to trim the board to size, and all of the lines (yes, i know, a touch on the deep side), and pips were cut, that there was even more board on the right hand side. oh well, that was easily fixed by changing the anchor point from bottom left to bottom right. then it was on to cutting the mackintosh rose design (once again, a touch too deep), and cutting of the profile around each domino. when i flipped it over, i found that i was just a touch off with the profile cut. not too much, and not too shabby for a first try. i'm going to hit them with some blo, before giving them to my nephew who plays dominos.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 001 maple for domino test.jpg   002 maple for domino test planed and sanded.jpg   002a lines and dots done.jpg   003 back engraved and profile cut.jpg  
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    I love watching what you are doing. You are moving WAY faster than I do. I see some really nice wood in your pics.

    I love the multi piece dominos project - that is just so cool.

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    Wow, those are cool!

    I've found with my gun grips the diminsions of the blanks have to be spot on, but I've found drawing center alignment marks front to back (cross hairs) has saved me several times from ruining a piece. Just align them with marks on the spoil board when you flip the piece.

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    Very nice! Custom dominoes are a great idea. I guess you could do a custom scrabble set too.

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    Great Project and nice job Dan
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    Looks great! I love the domino idea!

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    Good job, Dan! I'm sure your nephew will enjoy them!!!

    I've done a couple of two-sided cuts and use a center reference to help me keep my eyes on straight.
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