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Thread: Sanding/Turning Hoood for Dust Collection

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    Sanding/Turning Hoood for Dust Collection

    I am making a sanding hood like Robo Hippy made....just started. I was wondering how I could do it so I could still use my tool rest if I need to fine tune a little with a tool. I have just cut the end of the plastic drum off.I have the hole cut to fit around the chuck...I have the end piece to close the drum cut also and I have the board cut to hold the drum in place in the ways. I havent cut the "front" portion of the barrel off yet....
    Im just pondering if I can cut out some on the front of this drum to provide a slot for the toolrest???? hmmmmm Any idea???? Hope ya could 1/2 way follow all that rambling!!! Oh my lathe is a Jet it!
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