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Thread: Making ZCI for bevel cuts

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    Making ZCI for bevel cuts

    I am about to go out to the shop and need to make a bunch of bevel cuts, but first i am going to fix alignment on my TS and then make some new ZCIs.

    Have made them before with BB ply and will do again but never got the 45 degree one to work correctly last time i did it. I hope i am a tad wiser today and with help behind the scenes from Glenn i think i got it. Thanks Glenn.

    But i also found Mathias video on this topic and thought it had merits for others to see and keep in mind. Each saw is different and he makes a point of regarding wood and its use and safety depending on your existing insert.

    So in the interests of sharing and prevention of an accident here is his way of making ZCI for his saw. I think if i recall correctly he has a Delta contractors cabinet saw. Much like my Craftsman but the bevel tilt and insert is opposite to mine and different so his issues dont apply to me. I will use multilayer bby ply which i view as stronger than what he is doing. YMMV.

    I am also open to any tips anyone has to offer on making 45 degree ZCI s. Glenns approach to clearing the tilted 10" blade was to raise his table with spacers for good. I am leaning that way too given i have to do some alignment anyhow. BUt that is a whole lot easier on a table saw with a cabinet where the trunnions hang off the cabinet. Not the common approach for the lower end saws though.

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    In past years, I used the factory insert to make an MDF pattern with which I made new ZCIs. Now, of course, I use my CNC to cut the overall shape as well as drill holes at the leveling points. For leveling, I use 1/8" set screws so I can adjust from the top with the ZCI in its slot. To cut through a new ZCI, I use a 1/8" x 8" dado blade since all of my blades are full kerf (my preference).
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