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Thread: loaded up on bits this last month

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    loaded up on bits this last month

    a ways back i figured that i should stock up on some bits, so it was off to ebay i went. picked up packs of 10, 20, 30, and 60 degree v bits, some flat nosed mills, 1.5 mm ball nosed bits, and some yet to be delivered ball nose bits. i picked up a plano 10 tray bit box for these bits when i was picking up some fishing stuff. got it on sale too.
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    Yep, ebay has become my go to for bits for my CNC. The guy I like is drillman1 - good prices and good service.

    By the way, did you look at the results of the test I did of your PhotoVCarve file on your other thread?
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    Just don't let carbide bits bump against other carbide bits, they chip extremely easily.

    Keep the carbide bits in their separate tubes - one bit per tube

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