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Thread: It's Friday! 9/4/2015 Edition

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    It's Friday! 9/4/2015 Edition

    And a long weekend to boot. We've got the grandson all weekend, however, my wife is a little under the weather. So probably will be mostly hanging with him . I've got a new camera system to install, up at the shop, so plan to run cables for it too. May pickup another to add to the house if I like the way it works. I plan to get some more work done on the laundry room as well.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Working on my Swap Project today, along with a couple other things.

    Saturday should be a fair amount of shop time - mainly need to straighten up somewhat (a LOT?)! Later in the day, I'll prep some pork spare ribs and Boston butts to marinate overnight.

    Sunday, I'll fire up the smoker and run four slabs of ribs plus two butts through it - about 10-12 hours on the butts and 6 (3-2-1) on the ribs. NASCAR, of course.

    Monday: Chill and watch some golf.
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    Today I have to finish getting the shelves in the new pantry...we bought a new refrigerator the middle of last month and because of the size of it and being in a modular home, we had to have the kitchen remodeled slightly to fit it in... the fridge was 36" wide and had to fit in a slot that was 33" wide... so we had the pantry changed and moved slightly, then because of Dianne's back issues, I offered to put pull out shelves in there for her... only to discover the pantry isn't square... the contractor has it 1/2" wider at the back then at the front, so when I get the drawer slides in correct at the front, the shelves fall off the back side...
    I'm having to shim them in. We also had a space where the old A/C unit was in the house just above the air return that we had boxed in to make a second smaller pantry... I cut the doors for that to discover that the opening is 20" wide at the bottom and 19 3/4" wide at the top, so I have to plane down the doors ... nothing to it right

    Tomorrow is market day again... hopefully the long holiday will bring out shoppers.
    Sunday is kick back day.
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    Some garden time pulling weeds....very therapeutic. Puttering along on a cigar box guitar build. Need a scarf joint jig it seems. Farmers market tomorrow.

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    No plans at all...which I like. Of course that could change at anytime since the wife has the afternoon off and spending it with her sisters and mom. I see a night on one of their patios being planned over the bloody mary's at lunch. Watering and raiding the tomato, pepper and bean plants at my parents as they are off on another trip west somewhere. Some shop time for me in the mornings before it gets hot and humid...mid 90 temps. Have some yard clean up to do probably on Monday as it's supposed to cool off some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    Some garden time pulling weeds....very therapeutic. Puttering along on a cigar box guitar build. Need a scarf joint jig it seems. Farmers market tomorrow.

    therapeutic? pulling weeds?

    good luck with that, anytime you want you can come visit us and we will give you all the therapy you need or want for free.

    Ill throw in your favorite adult beverage.

    me, going to HD tomorrow to pick up screen door for my sons home, help him put it on, Im just the assistant, he does all the heavy lifting or kneeling.
    sunday, back to his house for bbq and movie night.
    Monday, who knows.
    Everyday is Saturday for me.
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    Kiddo's out of school today and Monday, he had football practice this morning but when I picked him up he wanted to go to a friend's house so I'm shuttling kids and takin' care of the baby today. My bride is off Monday so maybe a chance to get some stuff done. I need to change the oil in one of the lawnmower's hydrostat and the unit has to be removed to drain it so that'll be a chore..... Hopefully I can get the CNC work done on my swap project so i can pull the wood bed and cut the metal part as well as some kids' name coat racks that i've sold (and a couple for 2 grandaughters' birthdays coming up in a couple weeks!) Maybe time to slip in a little relaxing hopefully!

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    My weekend pretty much sucks.

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    Re: It's Friday! 9/4/2015 Edition

    Got a busy weekend and its long weekend here too.
    Sat we having some friends of Italian origin over for movie night and dinner.
    I was digging through things in basement and found a movie old one on VhS that i last saw back in Sa.
    called 1900 and its all about Italy from 1900 to post WW2. Pretty interesting and entertaining. 3 hrs long star studded cast and Bernardo Bertolucci as director.

    Hope to get some shop time and have quiet a bit of work work to do.

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    Jarrod and his wife and a couple marines are camping on the farm in Va. I'll probably ride down weather permitting to join the dove hunt tomorrow. I'd rather be in the shop working on some of my own things that need attention but I've been told, No Work this weekend Dad.
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