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Thread: disturbing video

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    disturbing video

    three neighbors of mine informed me over the past 2 days that their cars have been gone through in the middle of the night, unfortunately, they left their doors unlocked and someone went through and even though nooone had any real loss, found their papers and everything just thrown on the floor, knowing someone went through their car. Their own faults for not locking up their cars at night? I wont say that, some will I know.

    so I have home security cameras, and I know that down the street, I wont see anything, but my next door neighbor mentioned her car was rocketed through and she found everything all over the place, but had nothing stolen. My guess is they are just looking for cash, cell phone, GPS, blue tooth devises, anything they can turn for a quick buck.

    I looked through the entire evening at 64 speed, didn't see anything, Then I realized hey, Im looking at the wrong night, the wrong date, as sure enough, I look at the right date, and there they are.
    I first see one approach my neighbors car.(I don't have a great view of that, my front door camera picks up their car in the distance.
    The lights go on in the car as the door opens, you can see someone leaning over in the front, leaning in from the drivers door.
    Then as that's going on, another person, same outfit, hoodie, walks up my driveway, checks my truck, then my wifes doors.
    Good for me, I had 3 nail guns in the truck, so I remember to bring them to my sons today.
    Then the criminal leaves my driveway, cant see much on the other side, but see him walking across my neighbors front lawn, and up their driveway, cant see their car. Then as Im watching this, I see a third one, same outfit, across the street, tough to make out, not clear, but clearly going up that persons driveway.
    A car turns onto my street, I can see both, one at each neighbor on each side of me, duck behind each car as the car drives by and the criminal across the street, just brazenly walks down the street, doesn't hide.
    2 of them walk across my front lawn, not rushing, go back to my neighbors car, open it again, then leave out of view.

    I tried to copy it but the DVR is not recording, so I wil have my son correct the issue and drop off a copy at the police station this week.
    I doubt there is anything they can do, it happens a lot, and the video is not clear enough to show any real details, just looks like some slim kids in hoodies all with backpacks checking door handles to see if the cars are locked.

    I will post the video here when I get it straightened out..........I don't know if anyone reported it to police as none of them said anything was stolen.
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    You never know, they might have suspects but no proof and your video could be their final nail in the coffin! Also gives them the number and what type of clothes as well as time of night they are out and about. Back when I was shoeing horses I had a Doberman that rode in the passenger seat of my pickup. One of dad's buddy's was having problems with someone stealing stuff from his truck at the garage he worked at. So put Slim on a 30' cotton rope, left the driver's door window down and went in his shop and we stood off to the side and man this guy reaches in to grab my can of skoal off of the dash and all you heard were teeth gnashing together and then he starts running and Slim jumps out of the window and it was a mad dash! Slim didn't get him, but Nick never had anything ever stolen out of his truck again!
    I got Slim after trimming a bunch of horses and the people tried to stiff me on payment. He was registered (I didn't need the papers, Slim didn't know how to read) he was very very thin (hence the name Slim) on the way home went through Knox and stopped at the B&K and it became a ritual to stop, he would whine otherwise.

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    I think it's smart to have cameras around your home...cameras with enough resolution to provide the law with convict-able details. Hard to do when the crooks are wearing hoodies though. Maybe license plate numbers. These days, even if you don't live near a big city they sure come in handy for stuff like this. I'm a firm believer in dash cams too.

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    during the daylight, can make out license plates on my driveway, not with the night vision.
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    I spoke with several neigbhors this morning.
    seems this is pretty common.......and so many of them and their relatives in this and other neighborhoods have reported to police and gave them copies of their home security footage.
    I guess eventually someone will catch them, break their legs, shoot them or whatever and then the local authorities will have something to say, and Im sure the mothers of the criminals will go on the news sobbing what a good boy they have.
    Im wondering what mothers know their sons are outside at 3-4 am with backpacks and hoodies and do they wonder at all where their kids are?
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    I read what I thought was a good thought last week some time: Take your auto key fob to bed with you in the evening. If you happen to hear any noise around your car etc., press the car horn alert button. Burglars don't like noise and will/should be scared off!
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    A co-worker's husband recently had his shop broken into. Only thing they took were the keys to everything, motorcycles, lawn tractors, and truck/cars. The sheriff deputy said that they typically sell the keys with the address to other crooks that specialize in taking the vehicles and come back at a later date or follow you if you leave in one of the vehicles and take it when you stop. They had to spend a couple grand to have all of his stuff re-keyed and decide to put alarms in at the same time.

    Spent most of yesterday installing a new dvr/cameras myself, have a few more to install but have the driveway and all entries covered, still playing with the alerts on it.

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