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Thread: Filling a gap With??

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    Filling a gap With??

    I had a piece of white plastic drum left over from another project so I decided to cut a piece of 3/4" plywood and fit it in the end of it.In the plywood I cut a hole and mounted my Big Gulp dust collector thing.The piece of plastic was off the bottom of the drum where it sort of tapers in to the end.I fit it good to the plywood but I wanted to run a bead of caulk or something to close up the small gap there.I bought some white silicone but now I wonder if this is the right product as this might collect dust.Im sure it would be ok but just wanted a little input.(Probably over thinking this) but it looks pretty good(If I had to do this over I would do it another easier way)

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    You're overthinking it (IMHO). My entire DC system is sealed with really well.
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    DAP has a sealer ALEX PLUS that is 1/3 the price of silicone sealer, water cleanup, flexible (includes silicone), and works very well on my dust collector system. It comes in clear and white (after it dries - wet it is white)
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    ^^^Ditto what Charlie said. I've used ALEX for years as my go-to sealer for all kinds of stuff!
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