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    wagon wheel parts

    I bought some property next to me. In the attic of the shop were a bunch of NOS steam bent wagon wheel fellows, spokes and some buggy hardware. anyone interested? Shoot me an email ffor more info. located in MT. Click image for larger version. 

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    That's quite the find!

    Were I differentially situated it would certainly be tempting... No room at the inn as it were at the moment though, I sure hope they go to a good home.

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    I wish I was your neighbour, or that shipping costs to Spain were hundred times cheaper.
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    Very interesting find. Wheels are very difficult to make, someone is sure to want those. Or, if you can complete the wheels you might have a small treasure on your hands.
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    Friend just had some wheels built/rebuilt for the old John Deere wagon that Stephenson's restaurant used to have. From memory, someone in a local Mennonite community made them; if you have anything like that in your area, there may be a place to post them.

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