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Thread: Friday once again

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    Friday once again

    Wake up !
    Today we remember all who died 14 years ago.
    I'm not able to ride today in the ceremony downtown. Just to much work. That I'm very pleased with.
    Hoping to spend Saturday out at the movies with Shelly and do dinner. Sunday Ride.
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    Headed down to the local bank in an hour. The bank and the Chamber of Commerce are hosting an annual "First Responders Burger Burn" for local police, firefighters, EMS, and veterans. I'm with the Chamber and a vet. I'll be there to haul tables and chairs and to say "Thank you" to the guys who keep us safe.

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    We have our niece and nephew this weekend so it's going to be crazy busy. Last count was 10 soccer games, a birthday party, art class, BBQ/bonfire, etc..and of course football on Sunday!!! Go Pack Go!
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    A little shop time today - mainly a couple of finish steps on my swap project - maybe even some cleanup!!!

    Saturday I might even be able to get to the completion of my swap project, but a lot depends on what the boss has in mind. Of course, the Richmond race is on my agenda at 7pm - gotta see who's in or out!

    Sunday - chill.....
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    Tonight will be time with the grandson, tomorrow we'll be going to a local wine festival in Independence with my brother and SIL, luckily my brother doesn't drink wine, so he's the DD. This is our 3rd year and it's at the place my wife and I got married, so always a good time to go visit. I've got a few auction finds that I need to deal with so will be getting pics done to resell some of them and ship some off. I've got some beer taps I've been drawing in vcarve and want to get them started. Other than that, yard work and some relaxing.

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    Shower today! ��. Can't tell you how good that felt. The things we take for granted. Otherwise more rehab and healing this weekend.

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    Vintage Wings and Wheels open house at the CFB Greenwood airbase museum tomorrow, just 20km down the road. They have a great collection of aircraft back to WW II and further. Should be fun.

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    Thinking about the swap project. Wading through guitar electronics specifications. Freezing some really good stewed tomatoes. Planting some more fall broccoli, lettuce and collards. Still trying to catch that rabbit.

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    added more items to my etsy store, did the heavy lift shopping, plotting and planning for tomorrow's adventures in the shop.
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