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Thread: Chinese CNC Router

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    Chinese CNC Router

    1300 * 1300 * 254 (51" x 51" x 10")
    HIWIN square rails (very similar to industrial linear guide)
    Mach3 Control System
    Rack and Pinion Drives
    Yako 2811 drive
    YK86HB118-06A NEMA-34 steppers (1200 oz-in)
    200mm Rotary Axis (8" diameter - 51 inches long bed)
    3.2 Kw water cooled ER20 collet (about 4 hp -- can hold 1/2 shank tool)
    4-th axis fully integrated with axis drive - installed
    Welded Steel Base
    Thick Aluminum Table
    Mach3 card - with WHB04 handwheel
    USB Cable to connect machine to computer

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congrats! Looks like a beast!
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    coolness unto itself leo! (if i ordered up something like that, pop would have a conniption for certain when it showed up)
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    I know what some of those words meant (but not all of them - lucky for web search ). Looks like a heck of a machine, will certainly be fun to see what you can do with it.

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    I am torn between emotions.

    1) This is a MAJOR HUGE investment into my shop - I am really nervous about it.

    2) I am soooooo excited to be able to have such a thing as this.

    I keep looking at the price differences between ShopBot, Camaster, MultiCam and then this machine.

    This will be in my shop and running at about $7200 - (already mostly paid for by sales)- (and a small loan from my savings account) - (no financing) - then the comparative price of at least $18,000 for the others, not including the shipping or the huge rotary axis.

    The build on this thing is RIGID - not at all wimpy.

    I know 3-4 US owners - they love it. I trust those people.

    Still --- HUGE investment

    I keep trying to keep it in perspective

    It has value and can be resold if need be.
    It is a better value that a vacation to Hawaii or Alaska
    I don't play with Snowmobiles, jet skis, boats or airplanes.
    I -- WILL -- make money with it.

    Ohhh - now, I can't wait to get it.

    Now, I just need to sell my other 2 CNC Routers and some other stuff I have collected along the way - Stepper motors, 4" 3 jaw chuck, structural aluminum extrusion, and some other stuff. I need to pay for this rest of the way to this machine.

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    I love watching other people buy tools. It looks like a great machine and we know you can make it run. I bet ya can't wait.

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    Holy Moly!


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    Congratulations Leo. If you know of other US users then i dont see the issue of risk on your part. At the price its an excellent deal. Amazing what the US$ buys you. In reality $7200 is not real money in this business yet thats a real machine and you have more than enough skill and years in the field to know how to make it pay. No risk to you really.

    I have a question on a unit this size are the motors going to be 3 phase 220v if so whats your plan for power at a home shop or are you taking a leap into a commercial unit for this unit.

    Can you give us some idea of its accuracy, I am just curious to be able to compare how precise it can be relative to anything else we know of.

    This is the way to go in my view when you put a price on your time as opposed to building one. You can be up and running in no time making money in comparison to building it oneself. Of course if thats also fun suppose it depends what one wants.

    So from a software point of view what is the Operating System of this machine going to be? I guess you will be able to use all your existing software to run this as the driver is Mach3 correct?

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    Can't wait to see the projects from you and this machine!!

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