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Thread: FS: Pen Maker's Mandrel Rods

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    FS: Pen Maker's Mandrel Rods

    This is the first time I've sold these on FM. I think you'll find these rods better than your average rod.

    I have plenty of A and B sized drill rod so I can make mandrel rods any length you want now. I've had some requests for 12" "A" mandrels. These are $7.50 each. "B" mandrels can also be made 12" for $8.50 each. Any order that includes a 12" mandrel must ship via flat rate.

    TBD threading means YOU decided which thread size: 1/4-20 = Coarse, 1/4-28 = Fine. If you like to use your knurled brass thumb nut, order the fine thread.

    "A" Mandrels - Up to 8" - $5.50 each
    Here are some odd sizes I have on my bench:
    1.............4"........TBD $5.00 each
    3..........3-1/2".....TBD $5.00 each

    "B" Mandrels - Up to 8" - $6.50 each

    Just let me know which size mandrel (A or B), the length, and which thread size. These mandrel rods have a 60 degree center hole and are threaded only on one end for use with either a Beall, Axminster Jr. or Jacobs chuck, or an adjustable mandrel. All rods come with a hex nut.

    Payment is by Paypal. PM your Paypal/email address to receive an invoice.

    First Class postage is $1.00 for the first mandrel, .75 for each mandrel after. Once postage goes over $4.00 I'll use Flat Rate (4.05 until the rates go up).

    Thanks for looking

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    Howdy Joe. I can attest, Joe makes a good rod and provides fast service.
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    Just a plug from me too. I have one and it's the best one I have ever had... (seriously)

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