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Thread: Eric Clapton's 1964 ES-335 Tribute Guitar - Final Soundcheck

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    Eric Clapton's 1964 ES-335 Tribute Guitar - Final Soundcheck

    At long last, I finally got setup for some good sound recordings through my nice amp (VOX AC15C) and with a good mic (SHUR SM57). Sadly, you're stuck with my non-awesome playing since I don't really know many local musicians. I think the sound is pretty faithful to reality, though. It came out really good and it's super nice to play. Thanks for watching!

    Jason Beam
    Sacramento, CA

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    I don't know a lot about guitars - I don't need to.

    I do love music and I do love listening to great guitar music.

    You are good.

    I see it this way ----

    I am not a car lover - BUT - I am a very mechanical person and I love well tuned motors and engines. I do get impressed when something is just so doggone great that you cannot help but to notice - a head turner if you will..

    I just LOVE the sound of a Detroit Diesel engine. The smooth sound of a 6-71. The ROAR of a 16V-92 - MAN - that is just to stop your day and take notice.

    To see and hear a Ferrari gleaming - purring - screaming - blowing away everything.

    Tommy Emmanuel - Roy Clark - heck - even Charo guitar - WOW - I can just take that in.

    That guitar you made - with your hands - and you shared with us. WOW - WOW I can just take that in. mesmerized - awe struck

    Your in there with the rest of the head turners - Detroit Diesel - Ferrari. Just NOT ordinary - one of the GREATS

    That guitar must be worth thousands of dollars.

    And - You are good - really good!!

    Thank you so much for such a special treat that you shared with us.

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    Great job Jason! all the way around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Great job Jason! all the way around.
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    Don't know all the technical stuff to guitar playing but do like the music. I think that was a tremendous job and beautiful sounds.
    Playing is very nice and guitar is beautiful.

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