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Thread: its been a while so...

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    its been a while so...

    well, I have been a bit busy trying to get caught up on my to do list. I have been productive and have managed to get some things finished finally so I thought I would share...

    First up a mobile tool chest base. I was thinking of buying one but the wife suggested that I make one so... here it is...

    A close up of the drawer front and finger pull detail..

    Lastly, I got going on the tool chest that fits in the trestle base of my workbench that is still in work (at least the top and vise installation)

    Last night after I got home from jury duty, I layed out the positions of the slides for the drawers and got the center divider ready to install. I will pull the back off and install all of the slides and center divider, square the carcase and install the back.

    Thanks for looking and feel free to offer critiques...


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    Brent, it looks great to me, and I agree with your wife, the part about making the base yourself.

    I've had a few rolling tool chests, and they are great for an autoshop, but I like what you have made for a wood shop a LOT more

    Nice wood on the drawer fronts and the dovetails look great too!
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    I like the drawer front especially the top one,I find it gives it a more "rustic" look. The finger pulls instead of handles is a great idea.

    Seems your wife was right

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    Nice work Brent. You will have a lot of great looking tool storage when you finish there. Do us up a shop tour when you finish them.


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    Thanks for the kind words. Its definatly overkill in construction but I didnt want it to suffer from overloading. The top that the chest sits on is 3/4 ply mounted on 1 1/2in hard maple frame with two center gussets. It is attached with 8 panel bolts. The carcase is glued and pocket screwed together with a double layer of ply on the bottom. the two center spans are crossdoweled thru the panel sides to add rigidity to the structure. the top chest when fully loaded (as it is now) is in the neighborhood of 200lbs.

    The drawers are constructed of 3/4oak sides and 1/2in birch ply bottoms. The drawer fronts are 7/8 oak as well. Watco natural danish oil followed by 2 coats of waterbased poly (leftover from a floor refinishing job in the house).

    I am in a state of constant change at the moment with the shop layout. I have been rearranging as tasks have dictated. Once the chest for the workbench is completed and installed, I will have to be getting pretty close to a more "permanent" arrangement. It will simply be too big and heavy to move much. However I will post picts as things get updated/completed.

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    Nice job on the cabinet. The only thing I'd have done different is trying to find more wood like the top drawer front. The bench base is looking good so far too.
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