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Thread: crazy squirrels

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    crazy squirrels

    I dont know if any of you have had a weird experience with where u have found nuts stashed by squirrels but this one takes the cake for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the rear door lock of our travel trailer parked on the side of the house.
    Linda goes out yesterday to check on something in trailer and finds the peanut stashed in the lock.
    Go figure?????
    We left it there for now see what happens.

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    Maybe one of those Nova Scotia squirrels. They're pretty clever

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    I don't think it's squirrels, but the last couple of years, mice have been storing nuts in odd places in my shop. Like the handle of my pancake compressor and inside of scrap pvc pipe.

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    I have two English Walnut trees in the front yard that I am pretty sure were planted by squirrels. However, I haven't seen any squirrels this year, and they have disappeared from around my church, too. I miss the cute little buggers. Crickets have been getting rare, too. What's happening?

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    My mother once had a squirrel that she watched for most of the year. There was a pecan tree near her living room window and a big oak tree with a hollow near the road on the other side of her circle drive. The squirrel would get a pecan, climb the near power pole, walk the wire across the driveway, jump to the limbs of the oak, and put away the pecan. He made LOTS of trips. lol

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    Funny thing about squirrels... they forget where they stash things....

    Had this happen a few years back...Click image for larger version. 

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    These were inside my closed Ryobi band saw... they must have put them in through the dust port. - not sure if it was
    squirrels or a pack rat or mouse.

    At the same time I had my lathe open and sitting waiting for parts... when they came in, went to put the parts in
    and found these. At the time the lathe was sitting in the middle of the shop, without the cabinet I've built since..
    still don't know how they climbed up solid cast iron legs. ?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The next year I discovered that a black snake had moved in under the shop, so haven't seen any signs of rodents since.
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    When I lived in the mountains of Arizona (where the guys made their west coast tour), thetr were bunches of them some years and very few some years. They fight like crazy and inbreed just as crazily. Familial plagues nearly wipe them out, but then they rebound. Don't know anything about the breeding habits of crickets. Earlier in the foothills of SoCal, a red racer snake kept the gopher tunnels clear.

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    I give up. This evening more than half of the pics just show up as black with a wide white band with a black rectangle in the middle of it. (How's that for a description. I could not enter my thoughts about the situation, they would have been more descriptive.)

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    The pack rats around here are the crazy ones. There was one year that they literally stuffed both Sharons and My Trucks engine compartments chock full of leaves and branches and bark and all kinds of stuff. They have even hit up some strange parts of the house and just filled spaces with stuff.

    We now check our engine compartments once a week and keep the hoods open to keep the rats from filling them up.

    I literally trapped over 30 of them earlier this year.
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    Squirrels... rats with bushy tails! They seem to disappear around here. Not sure why. The neighbor brings them in and releases them and the just disappear. Hummm.
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