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Thread: Zero Clearance insert

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    Zero Clearance insert

    Well for some time i have wanted to make a zero clearance insert or three to take care of having less open space in the insert when doing a 45 degree bevel cut. I had made some years ago but never managed to work out how to get the 45 degree one to work out.

    Well since i have just spent a day fine tuning my saw in all ways possible.......again.

    I decided to have a go at making some. Used some of our great Glenn's advice and cut away under the ZCI to allow the tipped saw blade to clear and then raise it through the insert.

    But to cut the insert this time i used good old Matthias Wandel's technique to get a nice snug fit.

    But i think the ultimate of cool for these things is Bills idea he gave me (which dumbass me should have seen if i had looked at the insert that came with my saw DUH rob) to use threaded grub screws.

    Made three of them while i was at it and little tip i kept the original blank out of the batch for future pattern use to make more. Plan some time on making a bunch to suite the dado blade at various thicknesses.

    Here is the proof for the picture police

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice Rob. Several years back I made these on the cnc, but had a hard time making them tight since my rails had so much play. I guess I should dig up my drawings and give them another try.

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    Looks good, Rob!

    One simple way to cut a 45° ZCI is to use a dado blade. Even an 8" dado will sit far enough below the ZCI to get a good shot at it.
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