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    I'm not sure what this is doing in the showcase other than it is the only thing other than tools I have completed for awhile. Not long ago I was asking about cabinet scrapers. One of the things this turning was for was to play with them. No question, I like them a lot. Still not rolling a burr to suit me, maybe because I haven't seen scrapers with a proper burr and don't know what to expect. I like using the scrapers with the wood turning on the lathe, far more I like sitting under a shade tree with the wood in my lap shaving it down. Some tear out on this wood and I found the scrapers maybe the best thing I have ever used to deal with that.

    Broke out the Simple articulating hollower and laser too. I had planned to test the camera on a string I bought recently, a ten dollar late night investment, but got to playing with the laser and never got around to the camera. Finish is some stuff I found in my can. It wasn't what I thought it was so it might be pure spar varnish, don't think it is lacquer or some other things I have laying around or one of my custom homebrews.

    The wood is oak. Heart wood in fine condition, spalted and a little soft sapwood, some cracks. This was a split piece that looked like it somehow escaped the firewood pile. By the time I had glue run all the way through it in places along with turning endgrain it challenged the hollower pretty good. Eight inches tall outside, quarter inch sidewall, hollowed seven and a half inches deep. Diameter about four and a half inches. The hollower was doing mostly what it wanted to do in the bottom. Too much overhang on too spindly a rig and I think the round carbide cutters on the Simple tools are just too big and grabby. Could be some user issues too, first time I have used it even this much.

    The shape is ugly. I had planned a wide base anyway and when I realized that I had unconsciously copied the shape of the cheap glass vases in graveyards wanting some gentle curves to play with the laser I went with it. I am going to turn an even bigger base to jam it in or glue it to and then it will find a home in a graveyard or outdoor shrine. Some things aren't meant to sit on mantle's forever. Maybe I'll be cruel to somebody and give it away telling them I know they will treasure it always! They will have to put it on a mantle or shelf to display nicely then. Sometimes I am just evil!

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    Sure looks good from here, Hu! The spalting adds some great color variation to the wood. If you want to change it a little, add a lid and call it a cremation urn before you bestow it on someone!
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    It's looks alright to me. If you didn't want to use it as a vase you could always put M&M's in it.

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    Great piece of wood, but I agree this isn't the nicest form you've turned. (I've got a bunch of those myself.) I like your idea of giving it away as a "treasured gift" just for the smile it'll put on your face every time you go visit them.

    Seven inches deep on end grain oak is a challenge with any tools.
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