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Thread: Friday - so soon!

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    Friday - so soon!

    My last Friday here! Yea. All systems are go (almost) for discharge on next Wednesday.

    Yesterday I discovered my car won't start. Think it is the battery. Have to find someone to put a battery charger on and see what's up.

    Many life changes coming up but I will find a way to make it all work. If stamina hangs with me, next Friday I hope to report on working on my CNC plans for next Saturday. Can't keep up with Brent, but I can stay in the game.


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    Today I'm finishing some projects to be delivered soon. Yes, CNC is very involved! I'll post them when the topcoats are dry.

    Saturday will be a bit of shop time - still a lot of re-organizing and cleaning to do.

    Sunday should be our usual: brunch, NASCAR, being lazy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    Can't keep up with Brent, but I can stay in the game.
    With all the projects I've got going on, I'm sure you'll catch up soon!
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    As it's Thanksgiving Weekend, I'll be taking some time with my family. My son and son-in-law are taking me for a golf game on Sunday. They decided to postpone my annual humiliation from Father's Day to Thanksgiving. If the weather cooperates, I am very close to finishing up my canoe, which I will then ship out as my contribution to the swap.

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    Not sure yet, Mom wants to come over and go do something.. The antique airplane and car museum is opening their doors saturday and supposedly starting a few old cars which might be interesting. Might get down to the river and glean some walnuts - there are some feral ones that are real nice and sweet that no one ever picks. Hopefully will get phase 2 of the swap done and maybe a couple more spoons and who knows what else.

    Other than that we're still a livin!

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    My bride is in Vegas so I'm getting a sitter for the little girl tonight and taking the 14 year old out for a movie and hang out with dad night since he's really missed that since his little sister came along!! Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll take both of them to the Tulsa State Fair and then recover for the remainder of the weekend. Have to go pick up the wife from the airport at about midnight Sunday night so that should be fun. :-)

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    Heading to the country tonight for a bonfire, food, hayrack rides and more fall fun. Need to get going on my swap project this weekend as well as get started on xmas ornaments for upcoming holiday shows. Sunday will be rest and football.
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    My weekend has 4 days.

    Today painted the front door - part of the remodel project.

    Today I will tear my shop apart and convert it to family gathering space.

    Tomorrow is the family reunion day

    Sunday is a wedding day and put my shop back together.

    Monday - hopefully - work on the swap project I have one more panel that needs SIGNIFICANT CNC work. The other panels have CNC but just easy stuff.

    Tuesday - back to work. YECH - 4-1/2 years to go before I get MY time.
    What I do for a living is very interesting, not at all mundane, but it is NOT MY time.

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    Waging war on the cabbage butterflies and their offspring, which are eating my kale and collards. Going to paint some trim (or at least that's what she said). Trying to figure out how to bend and unbend fret wire for the cigar box guitar finger board. Oh, and according to the doc I will be spending some time on the elliptical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    Oh, and according to the doc I will be spending some time on the elliptical.
    Oof, I bought one of those for the house a week ago and it and I have a daily appointment! Fun times.... not!

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