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Thread: My frustrating router table journey please?

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    My frustrating router table journey please?

    Woodpecker ended up just refunding my money for the (2) tables that I got from them since neither of them were flat. When I would shim and shim and shim and shim and finally get it close, it would be far away from close the next morning. I'm thinking that since they only have the laminate on one side that there is an issue with uneven moisture?

    So, I do search after search and all that I can find under "building a router table" is info, lots and lots of info, on building the CABINET. They also spend alot of time on the 674 ways to build a router fence. I've already got my cabinet and Incra fence. After Googling and Googling I can't find out how to actually, physically glue up the two pieces of MDF to each other and then glue on the laminate on each face. This method has been recommended to me and I've seen it posted here a couple (few?) times but not the actuall glue-up process.

    How does one glue up that large of an area, 27" x 43", without a vacuum press and assure that it is/stays flat? Do I ned special clamps? (If I need to spend a bunch of money on special clamps, what savings is it over buying a table?) What glue is used? How do you keep the table from developing small humps and valleys? Do I need a special bit to rout the hole for my lift? A special bit for the laminate?

    If someone could point me to a tutorial of the actual process of the table build it would be very helpful and I would be extremely grateful. Or, if it's not really all that much, posting it here would be great too.

    Thanks very much for your help and advice.
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    Thanks, Mark.

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    Glue em together and park the front wheel of your car/truck on em..
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    Here's what I'd do to laminate the two pieces of MDF:

    - Cut two pieces of MDF (or any sheetgoods of your choice) a few inches oversized in each dimension.

    - Temporarily clamp them together as you would glue them. Scribe some marks on the sides so you can put them together in the same position.

    - From the bottom surface, drill pilot holes for #8 screws. The pilot holes are about 6" apart.

    - Unclamp the two MDF pieces, use a countersink bit to put a slight countersinks on the mating (inside) surfaces. The countersinks are to allow the MDF to raise without pushing the two pieces apart when you tighten the screws.

    - Vacuum-clean the mating surfaces.

    - Cut a sawtooth patern on an old credit card, and use it to spread the glue (common yellow glue is fine) on both surfaces.

    - Put the two pieces of MDF together. Use 1 1/4" #8 screws to clamp them.

    - The next day, remove the screws.

    Now it's ready for the plastic laminate.

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