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Thread: making the best of mistakes

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    making the best of mistakes

    My current project, just a really big box, actually 2 big boxes, since the unit would be too large to transport and get up the stairs to its final home.
    a large wardrobe I just about finished. Doors are not attached, but finished, end of next week I will spray the unit.

    You can see from picture, the unit is large, almost 7 feet high, 75 inches long.I used 1/2 inch ply for the back of the right unit since its over 3 feet wide and I felt it needed strength without any center support, thicker plywood in back, at least that was my thoughts.

    I decided after I finished it last week, to make a small, uncomplicated crown molding to put on top.
    I figured Id attach it to a nailing piece of plywood attached to the top so I can assemble units then attach the crown molding by just slipping the top on and screwing it down.

    I had some 1.5-2 inch strips of cherry left from the frames so I did some edge routing and glued together 2 pieces and came up with the molding. simple, quick.
    Problem was, I needed to cope it around face frame on both ends, and I messed up the cope cuts, and didn't have any more molding, so I scrapped the idea, and I will make another molding where I don't have to cope anything.(face frame is a bit wider than cabs, and Im not shaving it down)

    I was tidying up the garage shop today, cleaning up the mess, my son was over yesterday, sanded out the inside of the cabs, and helped me attach and make sure doors were perfectly aligned.(doors are leaning against wood rack on right side in back) All is good.

    I was about to just cut up the molding I made, since I cut it from strips Id never use for anything but a pen or cutting board, but I thought about my next project in line.

    I mitre cut some pieces, glued it up, restained it, and I got one frame out of it, its like using scraps twice!

    Something I ordered from Dan Noren, his design, the man is getting good at his new hobby, and voila, I have a frame for it.

    It was supposed to be a birthday present for my wife, but I didn't get to it in time, and I still need to apply finish, first figure out what finish I want, but heres a peak at Dans handywork. (elen is a new quilter, well, a few years in)

    theres a pic of me holding up the crown molding to the top of the unit after I took it down, just to show what it looked like before I messed up the coping.

    sorry bout the long dragged out post to get to the point, just working a lot out there lately. one project after another.also, the hands aren't steady today, camera was moving a bit,

    Ive got some chest congestion, a slight cold, and Im down this week with my home infusion, so Im giving the shop a rest, and myself one, probably the best thing right now after my mistakes yesterday.
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    that is a big cabinet allen! nice frame too! with that frame, i would suggest hitting it with a few sprayed coats of sealer, then wipe on, and wipe off a darker gel stain, to bring out the engraving. then hit the whole thing with a good clear coat.
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    Good job for both of you guys!
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    Nice work by both of you!
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