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Thread: Interesting article

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    Interesting article

    I found this article particularly interesting

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    Great article. I wish I could see what the future holds for this technology. It's certainly becoming more available to the masses. I guess the danger, if you use it for commercial purposes, would be increased competition and consequent need to find the most profitable niche. CNC, CNC plasma, 3-D printing...all kind of fit into the same tech bubble in my mind. They are all coming of age and the more people use them, the broader the spectrum of products and processes will be. It's exciting.

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    I really think someday tools like these will be as commonplace as table saws and routers.

    In the past, I think the whole software component of it was really a barrier to entry. Cad solutions were cumbersome and difficult to learn. Now anyone can design something in sketchup (or vectric) and use that to manifest that digital idea into a real world 3d object.

    There are a lot of clever people making it easier and easier to get into this whole space.
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    I work in mainstream manufacturing. To me this is NOT new stuff.

    In the manufacturing world there is image scanning, electron microscopes, CAD and CAM are as common day as a paper and pencil. Er - no - the paper and pencil is not as popular.

    We measure with CMM (coordinate measuring machine), image scopes, vision measurements (computerized of course) and so much more - and more.

    Even Cabinet shops are using Cabinet Pro software and CNC routers. Some of then are 6 feet by 12 feet. Some are 2 or three spindles.

    I worked a 2 tables - 2 spindles with 2 tool changers all in one machine.

    I write G-Code that has logic built in and can make complex decisions based on one or two operator inputs. One program I wrote recently will run and one of 125 part numbers based on one operator input.

    3D printing was already being used in the mid 90's, as well as CNC Plasma cutting, CNC wire cutting.

    There is even so much more.

    With all that said - This is already common place. It is just entering into the home shop now. It's not a fad and it is not going to go away.

    I agree - it is very exciting. Even after years of professionally work with it - I STILL cannot get enough of it, and I am not alone. I show veteran CNC professionals the stuff we are doing at home and even they are excited.

    As to competition - it is no different that at any other time in history, just moving a bit faster is all.

    I found the article interesting in the uniqueness and creativity that the guy was into. The safe is a really cool project.

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